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Friday, April 17

April's 10 on 10...

...okay so it's more like 35 on 17!  With all of the rush from attending ShutterFest 2015, I overlooked my post for my project but this overview of my last day of the conference should make up for that!

I didn't start taking any images this day until my first hands-on-class where I was able to learn posing for wedding photography.  Absorbing the knowledge of Bambi Cantrell was a highlight of my conference experience.  Watching her work and listening to her explain the posing in relation to the light helped make things "click" in my mind even more than I already understood.  Having wonderful models also helps with creating beautiful images!

Bambi hard at work setting up poses for us to learn from.

After gleaning information from Bambi, I headed over to a Kiddie Couture Class during the lunch break.  This was a fun little class, hosted by Lori Nordstrom, as well as a few other photographers, and a chance to play with a few different lighting set-ups.  These kids rocked it and were awesome to photograph.

Then I headed to the main area for the platform speaker Vanessa Joy.  She is an inspiration and I enjoy her ideas and suggestions for helping further the reach of my business; now, I just need to take that action.  Changes are on the horizon!

For my last scheduled course of the day, I attended the Continuous Lighting class with Brian DeMint.  I loved his approach and easy going demeanor.  He explained how simple work lights from your local home improvement store can provide the light you need to create equally beautiful shots as those with a higher end light.

During this hands on class, I had so much fun shooting one of the best models, Mindy!  She was absolutely awesome and just knew how to pose and required very little direction!

At the end of my day, I grabbed some dinner with my three guys.  I then saw a shout out for an impromptu shoot with Brian DeMint.  I'm so glad I headed back out for that shoot.  Working with the beautiful Anna was so worth the adventure back out.

To finish off the night, I enjoyed roaming around the hotel/conference center checking out all of the epic shoots taking place!  I just love the collective effort that goes on while at ShutterFest!

This is by far one of the greatest things I've participated in.  And to be able to say I was part of the beginning of this greatness is an even greater privilege; last year was the first year for the conference and you can check out that post here!

I can't wait for next year!

Tuesday, March 10

Videotopia - March's 10 on 10

This past Saturday, my family headed to our local museum.  The newest set up is called Videotopia.  The museum has several arcade games set up along with fun facts and a lot of info about how games are and were designed.  My boys really enjoyed the time we spent there.

There was lots of fun exploring trying to decide which games to play.  My only wish is that I would have taken a few more detail shots.  Maybe on the next trip...

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Saturday, January 10

Craft Sibling Gender Reveal - January's 10 on 10

This family is gaining a new sibling!  This was possibly my last session with them as a group of three!  Everyone is very excited to meet the newest member of their family!

As to keep things a surprise for the kids, we shot both scenarios!  Little man was super excited at the possibility of a baby brother!

When they were finally told the true identity, little man was not quite as excited.  He was very disappointed when he learned it was a girl!  Dad loved the image for "it's a boy" so I worked my magic to give them the image they wanted for the family Christmas Card!

Congratulations Craft Family!
I'm looking forward to meeting your newest baby girl when she arrives in May!