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Wednesday, April 16

It's Fun to be 2!

Life is awesome when your job consists of following around cute little guys like this!
He took his mom and I on a nice little walk as we captured these little gems!

Thursday, April 10

April's 10 on 10 - The Tonsillectomy

On March 25, my oldest had surgery to remove his tonsils and adenoids.  He was very nervous about the surgery.  Every doctor's appointment before the surgery he would ask if they were taking them out then.  He was a trooper though and only cried a little after they put in the IV.

The best shot I got of his hands.

Grover was well prepared to go in for surgery with him!

Almost time to go back for the surgery.  The drugs are starting to take their effect on him.

Back from surgery and doing great! 

Almost time to head home, just waiting for the anesthesiologist to come put the final signature on the discharge papers.

Here we are home and resting.  It's already been a long day.

Later in the evening, he performed surgery on one of his stuffed animals.  

He did so great with his surgery.  I was amazed!  We never really had any "bad" days.  He even returned to school a week after his surgery.

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Monday, February 10

A Day at the Circus - February's 10 on 10

It's that time again!  This month's 10 on 10 project was a bit difficult to choose.  I had a few options and decided to show our day at the circus.  January 20th was a day off school for my boys as well as my nieces and nephew and the circus was in town so off we went.

To start our day off right, we enjoyed a breakfast of bacon and eggs.  And who doesn't love a bacon mustache!?!

Off to the circus we go!

We arrived early to ensure the best seats.

Who doesn't enjoy cotton candy!

Time for the Show!!!

Intermission and everyone gets to enjoy snow cones!

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Sunday, February 2

Bikers are Beautiful

Back in September, I had the distinct pleasure to photograph this beautiful lady.
Our time was fun and it was an absolute delight to work with her.

Tuesday, January 28

Vows in the Park

I had the privilege of photographing the marriage of some of our closest friends.  My husband's best friend to be exact.  They had a simple ceremony on the grounds of the Bavarian Inn next to the covered bridge.  It was a beautiful backdrop for the day.  And thankfully the rain held off until we had walked back to our cars to head over to Zehnder's Splash Village for the luncheon they had planned.