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Wednesday, September 10

Sugar High Bakery - September's 10 on 10

Let me preface this with saying that 10 year old girls are W E I R D weird!  Well at least these two are anyway.  A little back story, Christmas of 2012 I asked my nieces and nephews which they would rather have for Christmas - an actual under the tree style gift or a day out with me to be done presumably over the next year.  Well they all chose the day out with me and here we are a year and a half later and we're still finishing up this gift.  (I still have two more to take out!)  

These two finagled their way to have their day together.  Here they are playing around while waiting for their surprise adventure!

Here they are ready and eager outside of SugarHigh Bakery in Frankenmuth.  I took them to the cupcake decorating class for kids.  They loved it!

Here we are waiting for the rest of the participants to arrive.  They were watching the episode of Cupcake Wars in which SugarHigh Bakery won the competition!

The lovely display of the types of cupcakes they would make this day!

Katie, she decorates the cakes and cupcakes at the bakery, did an awesome job instructing the girls and was lots of fun to talk to and work with.

All of the finished creations.
This a cropped version of the image as I didn't want to post the other little girls, who participated, on my site without permission of their parents.

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Monday, September 1

Wilson Grandkids

This group of kiddos is my family, my boys and my nieces and nephews on my side of the family.  I love using them to test and try out new ideas.  This day I took advantage of my camera rental and decided it was time to update the group shot of all of them since it had been two years since the last one.
Of course it would be one of the brightest days but we made it work.

My boys decided they would be difficult and my youngest didn't allow me one decent shot other than the group shot.  This is my oldest and I only got two shots of him and this is the better of the two.

With this shoot, I decided to test out and practice my techniques using only natural light in full mid day sun.  I am truly happy with how these turned out and can't wait to do more like it.

Thursday, August 28

Hudson-McPeak Wedding

Congratulations, Ryan and Kristi!

The day started at 10am.  Hair and some makeup being done at the Hairspray Salon.

I think I'm in love with this ring shot with the tiara!

Getting ready, last minute details!

Finishing touches!

I absolutely L.O.V.E.D. this moment!  Ryan just about had us all in tears with his heart felt prayer!

The beautiful ceremony at Landmark Baptist Church!

Fun captures outside of the Lapeer County Courthouse!

A huge THANK YOU to Rachel Rice of Rachel Rice Photography for second shooting with me.  Your help and your images were more than I could have asked for.  You helped to beautifully capture the day in a seamless style.  I look forward to shooting with you again someday soon!

Also Thank You to my wonderful assistant.  Your being a step ahead of me and knowing what I want before I usually have to ask is what makes the day run so smooth.  You are awesome, Trisha Waddell!