Wednesday, December 10

Flint Holiday Walk - December's 10 on 10

One of my favorite events in my town is our annual holiday walk.  We try to arrive in time to see the tree lighting ceremony which is prefaced by the arrival of Santa!

We spend our evening visiting the different venues on the Flint Cultural Center campus.
This year we visited the Art Institute, Buick Gallery, Sloan Museum, and Longway Planetarium.
Each venue offers different activities, our favorite thing to do is the ornament craft making.  This year we made beaded icicles and popsicle stick snowmen!

While walking around there are several photo opportunities!
Don't they make cute little elves!?


Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and a great New Year!

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Monday, November 10

Swim Lessons! - November's 10 on 10

With the start back to school well underway, we placed the boys into a swim program here in our local school district.  They have been loving it!  This day here was the last day of the first session and an opportunity for them to show what they had learned!  They did great!

This was the first time my oldest jumped off the diving board by himself!  YAY!!

Friday, October 10

Precious Baby {V} Fresh 48 - October's 10 on 10

This beautiful little face was so full of expressions.  It was such a joy to capture her during her first hours after birth!  I was hoping to capture her birth but she decided to scare everyone by getting tangled in her cord and requiring mom to have an emergency c-section.  She is worth it though.  Mom, Dad, and all of her family is completely enamored with her!

Grandma is obviously in love!

This was my first Fresh 48 session and I rather liked it!  Hoping to be adding this to my list of specialties soon!

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