Thursday, July 10

A Walk through ForMar - July's 10 on 10

I recently rented a 6D to shoot a wedding.  I fell in love with the camera very quickly.  The camera was a dream to work with and felt very natural in my hand.  But before shooting the wedding I took the camera out for a test run to quickly adept myself to the ins and outs of the camera.

Instagram photo of my rental!

As we headed down the trail, we came across this cute little creature.  I didn't have much time to think and only got to snap this one image before the bunny quickly scampered off into the tall grass.

I was drawn to all the dew droplets on this magnificent specimen.  A great way to test the macro lens that I had placed on the 6D.

Then we came across this beautiful damsel fly.  The blue is so stunning against that green grass!

Next I took some practice macro shots!  Some beautiful berries!

This nifty little ladybug!!  How cool is it that his colors are reversed!  

Now this macro shot I am completely in love with it!
1,000% in L.O.V.E!!!

The remains of morning dew on the ground!

A giant dandelion, look at that intricate patterning on the seeds!

This tree is my absolute favorite.  The hollowed out center and yet it stands tall and secure.  It makes for a wonderful background.

This next image was shot with my 75-300mm lens.  The heron flew out and surprised me.  It's not necessarily the greatest photo but it is my best heron shot to date.

But before you go, I'll leave you with this fun image from my recent wedding shoot.  I'm off to finish editing these and hope to be blogging about this day soon!

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