Saturday, May 10

ShutterFest 2014 - May's 10 on 10

On April 22 and 23, I attended the ShutterFest Conference hosted by Sal and Taylor Cincotta.  I was among approximately 500 other photographers in attendance.  The networking and learning opportunities were so great!  I can hardly wait the eleven months until next year's conference.

I had the opportunity to learn from so many great instructors but there just were not enough hours in the day!  Lori Nordstrom, Vanessa Joy, Blair Phillips, Roberto Valenzuela, and, of course, Sal Cincotta were the instuctors that I had the pleasure of gleaning information from their presentations and expertise.  I'm in the process of making changes and will be rolling out the updates over the next few weeks and months.

The following images were taken the second day of the conference.  A group of us were up for a sunrise shoot down by the Arch.  It was so much fun and I had the opportunity to play with off camera flash as well as natural light where I am more comfortable.

Later in the day, during the lunch hour, I had the opportunity to borrow, test, and play with a higher end lens from Lens Pro to Go.  The  is a bit beast especially compared to my simple  which I absolutely love!  However it shoots beautifully and hope to someday add it to my camera bag!

For the final session at the conference, I chose the natural light photography with Vanessa Joy.  So off we trekked back down to the Arch.  I was completely exhausted but it was so worth it.

On the walk back to the hotel, I just couldn't resist these beautiful blossoms especially with the gorgeous lights in the background.

Before letting you go, I feel the need to share with you two bonus shots from my first day at the conference, the view from my hotel room and my official badge!  I'm also on Instagram now and will be sharing there from time to time.

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