Wednesday, September 28

The Vuckovich Five

This is without a doubt one of my fastest sessions! I came back from Shutterfest with ideas of grandeur, only to have the weather not cooperate. I came home to weather colder than it was when I left. I'm still thankful for my troopers who braved the cold long enough to get some more practice of off camera flash in. I'm very happy with how these came out.

Monday, September 26

The {S} Siblings

Weather was definitely chillier than I expected but I still had a lot of fun with these two kiddos! My friends are the best for letting me try out new ideas and techniques. Testing out off camera flash to help counteract/offset the sun.

I think I have a great start.

*Disclaimer - These railroad tracks are a part of the historical village in my city. They are a closed set of tracks and a part of the county park system. I would never put anyone in danger.

Monday, September 12

Katelynn turned 9 months old

This past winter, this little one turned nine months old!
She had some mixed emotions about her photo shoot!

Crawling was a definite skill she acquired and she made this studio set up a bit more difficult to manage but I definitely think we made it work!

We also took the opportunity to go out and play in the snow! Our winter was an oddity this time around, as we would get hit hard with weather but then a day or so later you wouldn't believe it had even happened. 

Baby Alexander

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