Saturday, October 29

GTFD Open House Event

It was a fun but windy day out at the Fire Department Open House. Being so close to the helicopter, watching it land and take off was a great experience. Watching all the kids having fun exploring the different vehicles and then watching the firemen demonstrate the jaws of life, definitely a fun way to spend the afternoon.

Friday, October 28

Cake Smash Fun

This was a fun little session. Little Miss V. didn't want much to do with actually touching the cupcakes but she sure did have fun eating them. This session also made me long for when I can have actual studio space. Everything in its time though. I love this job.

Wednesday, October 26

Autumn Adventure with the C. Kids

I love this trio. Although getting him to look at the camera is a chore sometimes, but when he does it is worth every bit of the effort.

Tuesday, October 25

Monday, October 24

Rock the Shot Contest Entry

This image is from an impromptu birthday photo shoot with my boys. Hard to believe my babies will be 5 and 4 in just a short time from now.

Rock the Shot