Wednesday, September 4

Shooting the Breeze

Earlier in August, I rented some higher end camera equipment for a wedding I was second shooting for.  I did a couple of photo shoots to help acquiesce myself to the new equipment.  Let's just say I'm in love with the gear but still need to work on a few attributes to get even better results!

Friday, August 16

Practice makes one better!

The other day, I had my niece with me and did some practicing with her.  I was able to practice a few new techniques I had been reading up on as well as work on my personal technique both in shooting and editing.  I am definitely happy with the results!

Wednesday, August 7

Five Fabulous Generations

So a few months back, I got to spend the afternoon with a wonderful family.  It was awesome to see these five generations together.

Seeing these two babies being held by their great great grandparents was priceless!

Cousins just days apart!

Sunday, May 12

Cherished Baby {C}

This little man was super easy to work with.
He was awake most of the time but was very relaxed.