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Friday, January 10

January's 10 on 10 - Christmas with the Woods

This is my first true attempt at lifestyle photography.  While I'd like to believe that I am always shooting lifestyle photography, it doesn't hurt to perfect and hone in on one's style.  And honestly in my portrait work I am more posed than lifestyle.  I do use lifestyle photography more so in my personal family images.  I felt like this was the best place to start.  So welcome to our family Christmas with the Woods family.

After dinner it's time to open gifts, the favorite part for the kids.  Here are my two boys opening gifts from their aunts and uncles and grandma and grandpa!



My brother-in-law opening his gift from us, not sure if I drew his name or my husband.  Look at that smile he is just a big kid at heart!

After the gifts are opened, it's time to play games!
How is this position even comfortable?


Then to end our evening we toasted in the New Year with Sparkling Cider.  Hope everyone has a great 2014!


Heather Pipkin said...

Great 10! I also wonder how kids can sit so oddly and be comfortable!

Valena said...

Looks like a fun day and a fun way to end and begin a new year! Beautiful photos

ljkphoto said...

Lots of fun photos! Great work on your 10 on 10 project.

Faith Doggett said...

Great job capturing everything Christy! (I was born in Flint!) Lots of family around those parts still that I may or may not claim. ;) jk

Kate Pritchett said...

You did a nice job of capturing a sense of Christmas fun!

LeolaK said...

Looks like Christmas was a great time! Kids are the funniest with their positions! Great post!

ShebliNikkole said...

Great 10! Looks like a great family time!