Wednesday, January 8

New Beginnings

Hard to believe we are at the start of a new year already.  Things have been really crazy these last few months and obviously I have gotten behind on my session posts.  I do still have a few sessions from 2013 to share and will do so over the next couple of weeks.   I have decided to take a small step back in my business to work on techniques, education, and focus a bit more on my family.  

During this time I will be working on a couple of projects.  One that I'm very excited for is a 10 on 10 challenge that I am doing.  On the tenth of every month you can look for a post that is a lifestyle photography challenge.  I am looking forward to these posts and hope you all do too.  There is a network of photographers working on this and we will be linking to each others posts and I hope that you take the time to visit some of the others who are participating as well.  

There will be other changes to come through out the year so keep your eyes open for that info as well.

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