Saturday, January 7

Shutterfest 2016 - Day 1 - Studio Kids with Lori Nordstrom

The first session of Shutterfest 2016 was the Studio Kids class with Lori Nordstrom. I absolutely love Lori and her classes have always run so smoothly. I have had the pleasure of attending one or more classes with her every year of SF and am thrilled when I get to glean information from her. In this year's class we travelled between five stations and photographed a different child and set up at each station. These kids were so much fun and such a pleasure to work with, I loved every minute of it. Below are the images I loved best from our time together.

While this was an indoor set up, I hope to translate what I learned to my outdoor set ups as well. This especially makes sense as I am mainly an on location photographer. If you love working with kids and get the chance to attend Shutterfest, Lori's classes are the best.

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